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LED lighting products, the status quo and future development trends

        With the LED lighting products market penetration increased year by year, the lighting manufacturers to focus on new product development and positioning of LED lighting products. LED as a new technology led to the development of its surrounding technology, and gradually in the development of all kinds of unexpected problems, the new market participants also by their own advantages to redefine the market.
The popularity of LED lighting technology, due to its low energy consumption, is seen as an ideal alternative to the huge energy-consuming traditional lighting products. Coupled with its rich color, is widely used in home lighting, commercial lighting, landscape lighting. With the continuous improvement of LED light efficiency, thermal technology matures, drive technology, the last two years began to force on the indoor and outdoor lighting.
Indoor products and people's lives more closely, the market has great potential. The main domestic market sales are LED downlights, ceiling lamps, bean and gallbladder lights and track lights. Early downlights and spotlights basic single-particle LED, through the design of different circuit boards to adapt to different power and caliber.
This product has three main problems:
First, due to a variety of LED technology is lacking, the product of high failure rate, once the failure need to replace the entire product, rather than as traditional products as long as the replacement of light can be, this way, the maintenance cost is very high;
Second: LED light is not the designer needs a uniform circular spot, but a number of superposition of the spot;
Third: different combinations of LED particles and caliber products need to re-structure, optical and thermal design, resulting in design costs, mold costs, storage costs and manufacturing costs corresponding increase.
In order to solve these problems, the LED products also have some trends. For example, for the traditional QRCBC, QR111 halogen lamps, using the same specifications of LED light source, both the original use of the transformer and lamp body, but also the same as traditional lamps replace the light source.
In addition, the use of COB package and in line with ZHAGA standard light engine trends to regulate the LED light source, the same size in the case of increased luminous flux, reduce design and manufacturing costs. For spotlights, ultra-narrow beam angle is reflected in the design and manufacture of lighting manufacturers one of the advantages.
Dimmable lighting products is the development trend. Domestic indoor products dimming mode is mainly 0 ~ 10V, in the international application of more mature DALI dimming mode is still relatively small. Because aware of the LED dimming may have a problem of color drift, dimming requirements are no longer simply adjust the voltage regulator current, while the PWM-based. But this will also bring EMC and other issues need to be further resolved.
In the choice of color temperature, the domestic tend to 2700K and lower color temperature to bring warm and comfortable feeling. In addition, for indoor products should also pay special attention to light biological safety, and the design of different filters to achieve different light distribution effect.
Another trend is the flexible circuit board with yellow-based color to better mix low-temperature color light. There are a class of flat-panel lights, but the market is more concerned about the light uniformity, generally do decorative lighting.
LED products are actually light products, light systems.
So there are three meanings:
First: the product issued by the light to meet the owners, designers and stores requirements, both qualitative and quantitative must be met. In reality, often have to communicate with the designer when the power of the designer to measure the amount of light as the basis for that to improve the amount of light should increase power, which is a serious misunderstanding;
Second, as the best-selling products, should be from the appearance, quality, performance to meet the requirements of owners and designers;
Thirdly, from the perspective of the system, the enterprise should be able to give users systematic support from applications, products, construction, dimming and services, giving the user a full range of professional and full range of application products.
The emergence of LED technology, greatly enriched the lighting products, lighting is no longer a lamp a light source will be able to beat the world, smaller, thinner, more functional products in the foreign market with each passing day. LED as a need for a variety of knowledge products, design is a product and business soul, so to grasp the product design trends, rather than relying on low-cost marketing, regardless of the quality of the market strategy.

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