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Analysis of lighting market in Australia

Lighting industry import and export data analysis, has been a lot of people concerned about the content. Dip the lighting industry for many years, the Chinese Association of Deputy Secretary-General Wen Jiandong lighting with you in-depth discussion of the international lighting market.
Today, we do not talk about the lighting industry and the general direction of the situation. We analyze the lighting market in Australia: this country is very special, Australia is not well-developed lighting manufacturers, lighting manufacturers can be described as very rare, but there are a number of companies engaged in lighting control, this special industrial structure behind the Export data will bring you some new thinking?
I. Overview of the country
Australia's land area of ​​7.68 million square kilometers, a population of about 23.8 million, is a typical sparsely populated country. For the southern hemisphere most economically developed countries and the world's 12th largest economy.
Second, the local lighting industry
Australia's local lighting manufacturing industry is not developed, lighting manufacturers can be described as rare, such as the Australian Lighting Association, Mr. Russell Loan President is not on behalf of the manufacturer, but the famous Japanese lamp manufacturers Iwasaki Electric (Iwasaki) in Australia dealer, Australia Of the lighting products rely heavily on imports, the vast majority of products from China.
Australia has a large number of companies engaged in lighting control, is representative of the acquisition of Dynalite PHILIPS Corporation (please distinguish themselves Bunge smart Dalitek) and the recent acquisition of Daintree company for GE.
Third, the local lighting market size and characteristics
Australia has about 700-800 million households, the average family has 70-80 lampholders, the original MR16 halogen products and traditional ceiling lamps, replacement potential.
Australia is also the world's first comprehensive elimination of ordinary lighting incandescent countries, can be considered a high-performance lighting applications paradise, the LED lighting product penetration in the developed countries is relatively high, second only to Japan, its largest city in Sydney A considerable number of GE LED street lights are used in urban roads.
In addition, the Australian market relative to Europe and the United States on the market, the domestic lighting business development of low market, with a certain market potential. And lighting products certification from the system (SAA certification), the electrical safety requirements are particularly stringent, higher access threshold; the overall amount of individual customers is not large, but the profit is better. The overall situation for high-end products to enter.

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